My Jewish Grandfather that I Wasn't Supposed to Have

Coproduced by Anunnaki & Welat Production

In her early 20s, Duygu—a young Turkish woman born and raised in Turkey’s Aegean coast—does something unexpected and moves to Israel. But an important aspect of her identity differentiates her from those who make their way to Israel from four corners of the world: that she is not Jewish. As she grapples with issues of identity and tries to find her place in her new “home,” she meets 89-year-old Shlomo—a Sephardi Jew from Turkey, who immigrated to Israel in 1941. In a short period of time, Shlomo becomes a grandfather to Duygu, who has never had a grandfather of her own due to a family curse brought on by Turkey’s painful past. As the relationship of this unlikely duo grows, a history of uprooting and otherization that have impacted both our protagonists reveals itself. They find that identity and belonging seem to gain meaning when tied to love of humanity rather than to that of a land or a nation. The story of Duygu and her grandfather Shlomo is one of being “other,” of confronting history and constructed identities, of finding home. The question Shlomo and Duygu ask is a simple one: 

Where is one’s home? Where does one really belong?