Judi of the Wishes
(Cûdîyê Miradan)

Director Semiha Yıldız | Animation, 6’31’’ | February 2021 | Diyarbakır/Turkey

Believed in many Middle Eastern cultures to be the place where Noah’s ark came to rest after the Flood, Mount Judi also constitutes the northern border of Mesopotamia, the birthplace of many civilizations. Inspired by a feeling from a childhood memory from Judi and its imagery, Judi of the Wishes (Cûdîyê Miradan) simultaneously tackles the seasonal cycle in the mountain and the disruption of this natural flow by armed conflict. This short is also an attempt to reconstruct the name of the mountain—home to a wide range of flowers, goats and honeybees, and which is also believed to have the power to grant wishes—from within that geography and by the sound of nature itself, in contrast to what outsiders have been attempting to do for decades.

Judi of the Wishes won the Best Short Animation Award at the 12th Hamburg Kurdish Film Festival (12. Kurdisches Filmfestival Hamburg).